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Bitwarden Essentials Series: Getting Started with Bitwarden

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Speaker Notes

Click here to access the Getting Started with Bitwarden Google Slides presentation.

Getting Started with Bitwarden

Welcome to the Bitwarden Essentials Series. Today, we are going to discuss Getting Started with Bitwarden.

Creating an Account

When you sign up to create a Bitwarden account, Bitwarden will ask for your email address and to create a master password.

Creating an Account

You want to be really careful about choosing your master password. Your master password should be long, complex, and unique to Bitwarden, as well as something you can remember. Bitwarden provides an option to give yourself a hint.

Creating an Account

Bitwarden offers a Password Strength Tester and a Password Generator to ensure you use a strong and unique password.  

Tips on Your Bitwarden Password

There are so many methods in how to create, store, and maintain your password.  To ensure your password is strong and unique, your password should be: long (at least 12 characters or more), complex (a mix up upper and lower case, numbers and special characters), random (no known pattern) and unique (used once) to Bitwarden. Additionally, this password should be something you can remember. If necessary, write it down, but make sure you keep it in a safe place. 

Bitwarden Notifications

Once you create an account, there will be a green notification box letting you know the action has been completed. This is a good way to get used to how Bitwarden operates. When items have been accomplished, a green notification bar will appear to notify you that the action has been completed.

Verifying Your Email Address

Once you access your vault for the first time, you will want to verify your email address by selecting ‘Send Email’ under the ‘Verify Email’ section. 

Verifying Your Email Address 1

As mentioned previously, once you select your action, you will get a green notification bar to let you know your email has been sent.

Verifying Your Email Address 2

When you check your email, you will need to select the verification email. After opening the email, click the verify email address now button to verify your email address.

Desktop: Windows, Mac, Linux

Desktop applications for Windows, Mac and Linux are available for those who want to have something installed locally. Plus a Command Line Interface for our users who like to work in the command line.

Browser Extensions

Bitwarden browser extensions can go right into Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and other modern browsers. 

Mobile: Android + iOS

Mobile applications are available for Android in the Google Play Store and iOS in the Apple App Store.

Web Vault - Any Modern Browser!

You may also access your web vault, on any modern browser, by going to

Download Bitwarden

To download Bitwarden, you can go to to pick the appropriate client  you would like to use from the desktop, web browser, mobile, or web vault. 

For More Information

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to learn about Understanding Personal and Organizational Vaults. For more information, please visit us online at

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