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The Bitwarden Authenticator

Two-Step Login 

Under the Two-Step Login section of your web vault, you can click on the button that says ‘View Recovery Code’ to print out the code or write it down and put it in a safe place. Neither disabling and re-enabling Two-step Login nor changing your Master Password will change your recovery code. Your recovery code will only change when you use it. 

3rd Party Authenticator 

What about using the two-step login for individual websites? Two-step login has the same steps  as adding two-step login to the Bitwarden web extension. You will want to make sure to add each account in the authenticator app you would like to use.

Two-Step Login for Websites: Bitwarden Authenticator 

A great feature is the Bitwarden Authenticator. Many of our team members say they feel like ninjas when they use this great feature.

In this image, you can see the Bitwarden Authenticator takes the usual three steps and puts it all together into one platform. An example will show you how to set up Bitwarden Authenticator using a Twitter login.

Two-Factor Authentication Setup 

In this example, we will use a Twitter account. First, you will want to login to the site you wish to set up the two-factor authentication. After logging into Twitter, you will want to obtain the QR code or the manual code if you do not have access to a camera. 

Using the Browser Extension 

To enter the key in manually, you can open the browser extension and under the Authenticator Key manually enter in the numbers from the site (under the specific login item).

Two-Factor Authentication 

A feature certain websites offer are backup codes. By turning this on, you can get single-use codes to log into the specific site if you do not have access to your two-factor options. 

Log in to Twitter 1

Once you have added the two-factor authentication via the specific website and entered the QR code into Bitwarden, you will be able to go to any login screen (with this feature enabled), click into the username field, and either do control or command shift + l.

Both username and password fields will be filled. Next, select Log in. 

Log in with Authentication App

The website will then ask for the TOTP code. You will need to click into the form field and control or command + v. This keyboard shortcut will paste the TOTP code into the field.

Like magic, the TOTP code pastes in the field. You do not need to use your authentication app or open the browser extension. The TOTP code will automatically copy from your clipboard and paste into the form field. 

Ta Da 

As mentioned previously, you have attained ninja skills as now you are fully logged into your Twitter account (or whichever site you want to use). You can start enjoying the site and be a tweeting machine.

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