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Bitwarden Essentials Series: Importing Passwords from Other Services

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Speaker Notes

Click here to access the Importing Passwords Google Slides presentation.

Title Slide: Importing Passwords from Other Services

Welcome to the Bitwarden Essentials Series. My name is Alfred with the Bitwarden Training Team and today we are going to discuss Importing Passwords from Other Services. 

Importing Your Data from Another Application 

You can import your password data from other applications.The chart on this slide lists which applications we support for importing data. Bitwarden has more information on importing data from other applications by going to our help site at 

Importing to Individual and Organizational Vault 

Bitwarden has instructions for options to import to your individual or organization vault in this slide. You will want to go to Tools (either on your personal vault or logged into your Organization) and go to ‘Import Data’ and then based on the source you select it will provide step by step instructions

Advanced Importing Tips 

Bitwarden has helpful importing tips. There is a generic CSV format for individual accounts and a separate CSV format for organizational accounts. This slide includes troubleshooting tips if you ever receive errors when importing. There is a link to the help resource on this slide if you ever need additional assistance importing into your vault. If you need to ask questions, you can always contact us by going to 

For More Information 

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to learn about Importing Passwords from Other Services. For more information, please visit us online at

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