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Using Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to store up to 5,000 characters in additional spaces in any Item Type (Login, Card, Identity, Secure Notes). Users can select from one of three types to create a custom field (text, hidden, boolean, or linked).

Custom Text Fields

Custom text fields display the information directly. These are ideal for non-sensitive text.

Custom Hidden Fields 

Custom hidden fields display the information, hidden and requires the use of the reveal (eye) button to show them. Custom hidden fields are best used for sensitive information that you do not wish to have visible by default.

Custom Boolean Fields 

Custom boolean fields store a simple true or false value, represented by a checkbox. Boolean fields can be used to fill a variety of forms and selections.

Custom Linked Fields

Custom linked fields value is linked to the item’s username or password. Given the right field name, linked custom fields can be used to solve issue where your browser extension can’t auto-fill usernames and passwords for a particular site.

Adding a Custom Field Slide

Custom fields can be added in all Bitwarden clients. Use the edit option to add a custom field.

Naming a Custom Field Slide

You can name most custom fields whatever you want. To autofill a custom field, the field will need to match an element on the web page. To create a custom field, right click in your browser, select Bitwarden in the menu, and select copy custom field name. Paste the value into your new custom field name.

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