Using Bitwarden with Yubico

Using a YubiKey to protect your employees’ Bitwarden vaults provides maximum protection for your organization’s sensitive logins.

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A password manager like Bitwarden provides strong password security with powerful administration tools and simple user management. For extra protection, however, consider setting up two-factor authentication (also known as 2FA) for your organization to protect from credential stuffing or brute force attacks.

When it comes to two-factor authentication, some methods are more secure than others. For example, SMS is known to be susceptible to SIM hijacking, and authenticator apps provide another level of security beyond that. One of the most secure methods for 2FA is security keys. A physical security key like the YubiKey from Yubico can save time and reduce errors while offering extra-strong security.

Using a YubiKey to protect your employees’ Bitwarden vaults provides maximum protection for sensitive company data.

Combined Bitwarden and Yubico Benefits

  • Strengthen overall enterprise security and with modern authentication and strong unique passwords

  • Protect the sensitive data inside your applications and online services

  • Neutralize risks associated with compromised passwords and less secure methods of two-factor authentication

How it Works

Registering a YubiKey with Bitwarden just takes a few clicks in the Two-step Login tab under Security in Account Settings. You can choose YubiKey OTP or, if your YubiKey supports it, FIDO2 WebAuthn.

Plug the key into the device you're currently working on, type a name for the key in the Bitwarden 2FA login popup, and click Read Key. Once the key has registered, it will appear in the list under the name you gave it.

To login to your Bitwarden vault on any app, after you enter your email address and master password, you will be prompted to insert your YubiKey into your computer's USB port or hold your YubiKey against the back of your NFC-enabled device. Since Bitwarden allows you to use multiple keys, you’re protected in the event that your single key is left behind or lost.

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