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Bitwarden Send is a trusted way for you to securely share information with anyone! It transmits encrypted information to another individual. Every Send is assigned a randomly generated and secure link, which can be shared with anyone (including those who do not have Bitwarden accounts) via text, email, or whatever communication channel you prefer. 

Quickly Share Sensitive Information

Send will securely share your information by making sure the information is end-to-end encrypted. You can use Send to share different files or text and also set a variety of protection parameters as needed. 

How It Works

As mentioned previously, you can use Send to securely share a text (such as a password) or file (such as company protocol documents. In the example on the right, someone asked for the company’s Twitter password, the sender locates the password, creates a Send with the information, and transmits the Send via a link the receiving user can access. The Sender of the file/text can also set an expiration date and time, and additionally, a password to further protect the Send. You can use Send from any Bitwarden client. 

Each Send has a capacity of 500 megabytes for file sizes.

We also have a great Introduction video that you can watch to learn more about Bitwarden Send found on the Bitwarden YouTube channel.   

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