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Developer and DevOps teams view secrets sprawl as security threat.

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About the poll

Bitwarden surveyed over 100 developers to gain insights into their practices, challenges, and concerns regarding secrets management and protecting machine-to-machine credentials at scale. The results of this poll illustrate the rapidly growing developer need for secrets management to help protect privileged credentials and prevent data breaches.

Secrets sprawl increases risk

Reducing secrets sprawl – which occurs as microservices and tech stacks expand – is also a common reason for developers and DevOps teams to adopt a secrets management solution. With a secrets manager, organizations can centrally secure, manage, and access secrets and other developer credentials, thereby reducing secrets sprawl across development ecosystems. 

Secrets management saves time

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Managing secrets with a dedicated solution saves time and mitigates risks in various developer processes. By incorporating secrets management, organizations can further streamline operations and regain valuable time while ensuring a higher level of security.

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