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Product Strategy

Overall quality, response, and professionalism

Bitwarden outscored competitors in the 3rd party Software Reviews Data Quadrant Report for Vendor Capability Satisfaction and Product Feature Satisfaction. Bitwarden receives high marks and reviews on G2.

Sustained product development and roadmap

Bitwarden has a track record of commercial success since 2016, a strong community following, and a history of delivering on password management and beyond.

A public roadmap is updated quarterly and details updates to the Bitwarden Password Manager product. New products coming in 2023 include Bitwarden Secrets Manager for developer secrets and, enabling any developer to easily add passwordless authentication to their application.

Product release process

Bitwarden adheres to a 5-week product development and launch cycle, with launch windows published ahead of time. The launch team has strict controls on the process, with extensive QA and regression testing beforehand. All updates to the code are visible on GitHub, with major updates documented in the Help Center release notes.

Company business model

Organizational structure

The Bitwarden organization is headed by CEO Michael Crandell, supported by Founder and CTO Kyle Spearrin, CFO Stephen Morrison, and CCO Gary Orenstein. Mr. Spearrin leads the engineering organization, inclusive of QA and DevOps, and the product team. Mr. Orenstein heads sales, marketing, and customer success. Bitwarden is a growing organization and is actively adding top talent to the company.

Financial viability

Bitwarden has millions of users, tens of thousands of business customers, and recently received a $100M growth investment to further develop the strong and growing business.

Experience with many types of businesses

Bitwarden works with customers of all sizes, including some of the world’s largest businesses and organizations, across many industries. Public customer materials are posted on the reviews and success stories page.

Partnership experience

Bitwarden supports partnerships and integrations with channel and technology solutions. Bitwarden most recently partnered with DuckDuckGo to provide a password management solution for their new browser.

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Learn about Bitwarden executives and cybersecurity experts Michael Crandell and Gary Orenstein.

Understanding of the market and customer needs

Bitwarden objectives and vision

Bitwarden envisions a world where nobody gets hacked, where everyone has access to the basic tools necessary to be safe online. This includes both businesses and individuals. The Bitwarden business offering serves all employees, scales easily, fosters secure collaboration, and provides cross-platform availability. Enterprise users benefit from a complimentary Bitwarden families account to help secure their loved ones.

Investigation for company needs

The Bitwarden team meets with customers to deeply understand customer needs and their operating model, including discussions with support teams and integration engineers. Further escalation and tailored solutions are available.

Password Manager Security

Zero knowledge architecture

Bitwarden delivers an end-to-end, zero-knowledge encryption architecture. This means that nobody at Bitwarden or anyone else can view any sensitive data in your vault, and all vault data is encrypted.

Encryption at rest

Two additional rounds of encryption execute on stored data, securely hosted on Microsoft Azure servers.

High-trust encryption standards

Bitwarden employs AES-256 CBC for vault data and encryption key.

High level of entropy for encryption

User-input master passwords are hashed and cryptographically stretched to a 256 bit master key.

High level of KDF iterations

By default, Bitwarden utilizes PBKDF2 for key-derivation with 600,000 iterations which may be set higher by end-users.

Code auditing and penetration testing

Bitwarden code is open source and third party audited, with report results published online.


The Bitwarden Security and Compliance Program is based on the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS). The Bitwarden Security Whitepaper provides an in-depth view of Bitwarden compliance and security.

Bitwarden also completes a wide range of compliance certifications including SOC 2, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA as well as penetration testing, code testing, and other third party audits.

Administrative capabilities

Users with administrative roles have a wide range of management tools available, showcased in the Proof-of-Concept checklist, and include account creation, system-wide policy creation, Login with SSO, Admin Password Reset, group and user sync, event logs and vault health reporting.

Export logging for SIEM functionality

Bitwarden allows for the exporting of audit logs and the use of multiple APIs to pull data into SIEM tools, such as Splunk for automated monitoring.

Detailed information on data security

The Bitwarden Security Whitepaper provides in-depth details of the security behind Bitwarden, including encryption, dataflows, cloud security, and more.

Backup longevity

Bitwarden maintains point-in-time restore (PITR) policies for disaster recovery. Data storage on Bitwarden servers is configured for a strict 7-day retention policy for PITR with no long-term retention.

Stored PII data and maintenance

Administrative data allows for account maintenance and service.

Bitwarden compliance

Bitwarden meets compliance for GDPR, Privacy Shield, CCPA, HIPAA, and TAA. SOC 2, SOC 3, and the results of third-party audits are published online.

User Interface

Ease of use and autofill

Autofill functions in browser extensions and mobile apps. In browser extensions, a hotkey, context window, or interaction with the extension triggers autofill. These methods are non-intrusive to the coding of the web page being viewed.

On mobile, Bitwarden acts as an autofill service provider, and integrates into the mobile device operating system.

Custom fields for autofill may also be created as part of a vault item.

Administrator policies

Enterprise policies allow Enterprise organizations to enforce security rules for all users. Additional policies can be utilized through Login with SSO, taking advantage of your existing IdP authentication functionality.

Control and audit data sharing

Share within an organization via groups and collections. Bitwarden Send offers a way to transmit data securely to anyone and maintains zero-knowledge encryption. If desired, Send can be disabled via an organization-wide Enterprise policy.

Permissions determine what actions a user can take with the items in a particular collection. User roles are set at an individual-member level, and permissions can either be set for an individual member or for a group as a whole.

Event logs record over 50 different types of events. The event logs screen captures a timestamp for the event, client app information including application type and IP, the user connected to the event, and an event description.

Dark web and breach reports

Reports detail data breaches and more for individual user vaults and to admins for organization vaults.

Ability to use 1 credential for multiple URLs

Credentials may have multiple URIs assigned for use on multiple sites.

Ability to use multiple credentials for 1 URL

The user interface for Bitwarden clients lists the available logins for a website. The autofill hotkey can also be used to cycle through credentials quickly.

Re-authentication timers

Turning on the Vault timeout policy will implement a maximum vault timeout duration and timeout action.

Random password generation

Bitwarden clients include a built-in password generator to easily create strong, unique passwords and save them to the vault. The web-based Bitwarden generator offers the same generation logic as a free utility for anyone.

Timebound sharing capability

Bitwarden Send can be used to distribute one-off and time-bound files or attachments. Bitwarden Secrets Manager enables advanced lifecycle credential management.

Bitwarden UI


Reliability of applications and service

Real time system updates and historical uptime are posted on the Bitwarden Status page. Bitwarden is approved and recommended in major app stores, passing performance and reliability requirements for each marketplace.


Bitwarden is available on all modern devices and platforms, including desktop (Windows, MacOS and Linux), browser extension (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Brave, Safari, Vivaldi, Tor Browser and Opera), mobile (iOS and Android), Command Line Interface (CLI), and by using the web vault.

Global languages

Bitwarden is translated into more than 50 languages worldwide.

Deployment flexibility

Bitwarden provides cloud hosting which suits the majority of businesses served. Self-hosting is available for organizations that have the IT resources to maintain a server and manage regular backups and recovery.

Proof of concept (POC) and functional testing

Bitwarden has composed a proof-of-concept checklist to help evaluation teams get started. Including resources on:

  • Policies

  • SSO

  • Migration

  • Managed Devices

Project checklist for a successful proof-of-concept

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