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Auto-fill Cards & Identities

Bitwarden can do more than just auto-fill your usernames and passwords! Bitwarden browser extensions can auto-fill cards and identities to simplify online purchases, account creation, and more using the unique Tab view.


Currently, auto-fill for cards & identities is only available for browser extensions. Mobile platforms including Android and iOS do not currently support this type of auto-fill function.

To auto-fill a card or identity:

  1. Open the browser extension to see the Tab view.

    Unless you have hidden cards and/or identities from this view, your cards and identities will be listed here alongside any matching logins.

  2. Select the card or identity you want to auto-fill:

    Auto-fill an Identity
    Auto-fill an Identity

The browser extension will find any fields on the web page that map to card or identity information and auto-fill them.

Hide cards & identities

If you don't want cards & identities to be available for auto-fill, you can disable from being displayed in the Tab view:

  1. In your browser extension, open the Settings tab.

  2. Scroll down to the Other section, and select Options.

  3. Scroll down and uncheck the Show cards on Tab page and/or Show identities on Tab page boxes.

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