Why should I trust Bitwarden with my passwords?

  1. Bitwarden is open source software. All of our source code is hosted on GitHub and is free for anyone to review. Thousands of software developers follow Bitwarden’s source code projects (and you can too!).
  2. Bitwarden is audited by reputable third-party security auditing firms as well as independent security researchers.
  3. Bitwarden does not store your passwords. Bitwarden stores encrypted versions of your passwords that only you can unlock. Your sensitive information is encrypted locally on your personal device before ever being sent to our cloud servers.
  4. Bitwarden has a reputation. Bitwarden is used by millions of individuals and businesses. If we did anything questionable or risky we would be out of business.

Still don’t trust us? You don’t have to. Open source is beautiful. You can easily host the entire Bitwarden stack yourself. You control your data. Learn more here.

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