Access Your Vault Using SSO

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    Before You Begin

    If you are an existing Bitwarden user, you must Link an Existing Account to SSO before authenticating into your Vault using Login with SSO.

    Logging in with SSO

    Complete the following steps to use Login with SSO to authenticate into your Bitwarden Vault:

    1. Open your Bitwarden App or navigate to the Bitwarden Web Vault.
    2. Select the Enterprise Single Sign-On button.

      Enterprise Single Sign-On button
      Enterprise Single Sign-On button
    3. Enter your Organization Identifier and select Log In.


      We recommend bookmarking this page with your Organization Identifier included as a query string so that you don’t have to enter it each time, for example or

      Organization Identifier field
      Organization Identifier field

      A browser window will open prompting you to enter your SSO credentials or other required authentication mechanisms.

    Upon successful authentication:

    • For existing accounts, you will be re-directed to the Bitwarden login page and prompted to enter your Master Password to decrypt your Vault data.
    • For new accounts, you will be prompted to create a Master Password and (optionally) provide a hint. Users with new accounts will need to have access confirmed for shared Organization items, including Collections and Groups.

    In both cases, your account now has an accepted status within your Organization.


    Users that are created via Login with SSO will still be properly organized into their groups and collections if leveraging the Directory Connector utility.