Extension won't load in Firefox's private mode

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    The Bitwarden browser extension does not completely function in Firefox’s private browsing mode. This is a known issue specific only to Firefox. You will see a message indicating so when you try to open the Bitwarden popup window in a private window. We have discussed the problem with Mozilla, however, they seem unable to fix it so that extensions like Bitwarden can function entirely in private mode.

    There are currently 3 workarounds for auto-filling a login while in Firefox’s private browsing mode:

    1. Use the right-click context menu:
      1. Navigate to the website’s login page while browsing in a private window.
      2. Right click the page. A context menu will appear.
      3. Select BitwardenAuto-fill and then pick your login.
    2. Copy/paste your login credentials by accessing your Vault in the popup from a regular, non-private browsing window.

    3. Use the keyboard shortcut for auto-filling a login (CTRL + SHIFT + L by default on Windows, CMD + SHIFT + L by default on Mac)