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    This article will guide you through the process of creating a Collection. For more information about Collections, see About Collections.

    Create A Collection

    Complete the following steps to create a collection:

    1. Login to your Web Vault and open your Organization.
    2. In your Organization, open the Manage tab and select Collections from the left menu.
    3. On the Collections screen, select the New Collection button.

      Select New Collection
      Select New Collection
    4. On the Add Collection screen:
      • Enter a Name for your Collection.
      • Enter an External Id for your Collection. External ids are used to link resources to external systems, like user directories.
      • (Teams and Enterprise Organizations) Set the Group Access configuration for your Collection, including which Groups should be allowed to access this Collection. For more information, see About Groups.
    5. Select Save to finish creating your Collection.

    Create Nested Collections

    Collections be “nested” in order to logically organize them within your Vault. There’s no limit to the depth with which you can nest Collections, but creating too many levels may interfere with your Vault’s interface.


    Nested Collections are designed for in-Vault display purposes only. Nested Collections will not not inherit access or permissions from their “parent” Collection.

    Nested Collection
    Nested Collection

    To create a nested Collection, give your new Collection a Name that includes the “parent” Collection followed by a forward slash (/) delimiter, for example Collection 1/Collection 1a.

    If there is no Collection with the corresponding “parent” name or if you don’t have access to the “parent”, the Collection won’t nest and instead it’s title will be displayed in-full.

    Create a nested Collection
    Create a nested Collection

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