Blacklisting URIs

Category: Auto-fill
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    Blacklisting URIs is currently only available for Bitwarden Mobile on Android 8.0 (Oreo) or higher.

    Auto-fill relies on the attribution of URIs to Login items. If you’re unfamiliar with using URIs, brush up using our Using URIs article. Android users can explicitly blacklist URIs to prevent Bitwarden from offering them for auto-fill. To specify URIs to blacklist:

    1. In the Bitwarden Android app, open the Settings tab.
    2. Tap Options.
    3. Scroll down to the bottom of the Options screen and enter URIs in the Blacklisted URIs input:

      Blacklisted URIs should be specified in a comma-separated list, for example:,androidapp://,
    4. There’s no Save button for this screen, so simply pressing the back button or returning to the previous screen will save your specification.

    Android App URIs

    For websites accessed via a web browser, a proper URI will be the https://.. address of the Login page, for example or

    For Android Apps, the URI scheme always starts with androidapp:// and is usually a bit different from a typical web browser URI. For example,

    • The Twitter Android app has the URI androidapp://
    • The Reddit Android app has the URI androidapp://com.reddit.frontpage
    • The Bitwarden Android app has the URI androidapp://com.x8bit.bitwarden

    An easy way to obtain the proper URI for an Android app is to use a web browser to visit the App’s page in the Google Play store. The URI for the app will appear in the address bar as an ?id= query parameter (e.g.