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Using Bitwarden with Azure Active Directory

Bitwarden and Azure AD together can help enterprises streamline employee onboarding and user management with seamless, automated provisioning.


The rise of software-as-a-service means that each department within an enterprise, whether finance, marketing, or HR, has an ever-growing number of applications and services that teams use every day. A cloud-based identity and access management service like Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) helps IT administrators control access to applications, resources, and tools based on business requirements.

A password management solution like Bitwarden makes it easier for employees to generate and use strong and unique passwords for all enterprise accounts, and to ensure sensitive data is end-to-end encrypted. Using an enterprise password manager also allows employees to securely share passwords across the organization from a secure vault. Sharing through Bitwarden Collections – which gathers logins, notes, cards, and more from an Organization – is the most powerful and scalable when paired with user groups. This gives enterprises that have hundreds of logins the ability to securely share them across teams and functions as needed. 

Bitwarden and Azure AD together can help enterprises streamline employee onboarding and user management with seamless, automated provisioning.

Combined Bitwarden and Azure AD Benefits

  • Seamless, automated provisioning of users from a centralized directory

  • Simplify the process for IT administrators to onboard and manage users for any SaaS products, internal tools, and more

  • Reduce security risks from employee departure by automatically revoking their access to the Organization vault and shared Collections

How it Works

There are two different ways to enable Bitwarden to work with Azure AD.

SCIM support enables Bitwarden to receive updates, such as new users and modifications to groups from Azure AD at any time. It will automatically provision users when Azure AD pushes a change.

The Bitwarden Directory Connector is a standalone application that actively syncs users and groups to a Bitwarden Organization from Azure AD. Syncing only occurs when the application is running. It is also the only way to connect to the on-premise version of Active Directory.

Secure Your Business Data with End-to-End Encryption

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