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Enable Two-Step Login

There are a couple of different approaches when it comes to two-step login. You can use either a 3rd party authentication app like Authy or the integrated authentication through Bitwarden. I am going to show you how to use both. 


To turn on using two-step login, go to your Web Vault. In the Settings section, go to the menu bar on the left hand side and select Two-Step login. From there, you can select which 3rd party application you want to use. For example, users can use Authy as their third-party authentication app. To use Authy, select ‘Manage’ next to the application you want to use.

QR Code

Next, a screen will appear to provide the initial steps to set up two-step authentication.  A QR code will appear to use if you have access to a camera on your mobile device. If you do not have access to scan the QR code, you can manually enter the code into your authentication app.

The example on your screen uses Authy. You will need to open the app and click the plus button to add your Bitwarden account.

After selecting the add account button, you can either scan the QR code from Bitwarden or enter that manual key.

Once the QR details have been entered you will want to enter an Account nickname (like Bitwarden) and select Save.

The authenticator app will give you the TOTP code you will need to take back and enter in Bitwarden.

After entering the TOTP code, you will see in Bitwarden there will be a green check box next to the Authenticator app you used and have set up successfully.


It is important to note that enabling two-step login without the right backup procedures can permanently lock you out of your Bitwarden account. A recovery code allows you to access your account in the event that you can no longer use your normal two-step provider (for example, if you lose the mobile device with your authentication app). Bitwarden support will not be able to assist you if you lose access to your account. Bitwarden recommends that you write down or print your recovery code and keep it in a safe place. 

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