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Bitwarden has a robust help page on our website. You can access our help page by going to This site has so many great resources, guides, and how-to’s. You can filter or search by topic or keyword to locate the specific information you need.

Bitwarden Blog

You can find the latest updates, tips, tricks and industry news on the Bitwarden Blog. You can find this information online at


Bitwarden has a vibrant community that grew around open source software and now has expanded across an engaged set of community forums. You can learn how the Bitwarden Community uses Bitwarden in a variety of ways, make feature requests or learn about past feature requests and how they were implemented, as well as see our GitHub Contributions. You can visit the Bitwarden Community site online at


You can find us on Reddit and follow the Bitwarden subreddit. The Bitwarden subreddit has lots of interesting conversations from Bitwarden users. Check it out on 


More technical members may be interested in checking out the Bitwarden Github site The Bitwarden Github site houses our open source repositories. You can see what we are working on, when we are working on it, and the many contributions of our Bitwarden contributors.


You can subscribe to the Bitwarden Youtube channel for a variety of Tutorials, Case Studies, Demo Videos, and Presentations at


You can follow Bitwarden on Twitter to stay up to date on all Bitwarden and Industry news and updates. We have over 30 thousand followers on Twitter. While not our main source for support or engagement, we actively watch our Twitter feed to find out about your Bitwarden experience. Find us at

Linkedin and Facebook

And finally, you can also follow Bitwarden on LinkedIn and Facebook as well. We update these accounts with information found on our Twitter account and our Blog page. 

We use multiple channels to reach our Bitwarden audience.

References Throughout Training

This slide references all of the help articles and videos we went through during the training. In addition, we have a great resource page that showcases all our different blogs, presentations along with our Events page where you can watch previously recorded webcasts and register for any upcoming events. 

Bitwarden hosts weekly demos which are scheduled every Wednesday at 12 PM eastern time, and monthly Vault Hours which are usually held on the last Friday of each month at 12 Pm eastern time.


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