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Unlock Your Vault with Biometrics

Users can unlock their Bitwarden Vault with Biometrics. Unlocking with Biometrics is fast and secure. Currently, Bitwarden supports Windows Hello, Touch ID, Face Unlock, and Fingerprint Unlock.

Mobile Apps

The Biometrics feature for mobile devices has options for either unlocking with Face ID or Fingerprint.  To do this, go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Unlock with Face ID’ in all modern versions of Android and iOS on your mobile device or on the extension-- Settings-- Unlock with Fingerprint.

Desktop App and Browser Extensions

We also have biometrics as an option in the Desktop App. We focus on Windows Hello and Touch ID for Chromium-based browsers and will expand their reach over time. The way this works, in order to use biometrics browser extension, is it communicates in a secure channel with the desktop application to facilitate this feature. You will want to make sure it is connected to your desktop installation of Bitwarden. 

Enabling Biometrics on Desktop

Install the Bitwarden Desktop App from Once installed, go to preferences and click preferences and select Unlock with Touch ID under the Security section.

Step 1: Biometrics on Browser Extensions

Step 1 to accessing your Bitwarden Vault using the Bitwarden Browser Extension is to:

  1. Again, Install the Bitwarden Desktop Application,

  2. Enable Windows Hello or Touch ID in the Desktop App, and

  3. Under the Options section of settings/preferences, Enable Browser Browser Integration in Desktop App.

Step 2: Biometrics on Browser Extensions

Next steps are to: 

  1. Open the Browser Extension,

  2. Navigate to settings/preferences,

  3. Enable Unlock with Biometrics

Step 3: Biometrics on Browser Extensions

Finally, after your Vault has locked, you can use Unlock with Biometrics when the web extension is opened. When prompted, authenticate with your configured biometrics to open your vault.

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