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June 2021 Spotlight: Inside open source releases at Bitwarden with Trey Greer

Welcome to the Bitwarden June newsletter, featuring product and company announcements, upcoming events, and top social fan favorites.

June 2021 Spotlight: Inside open source releases at Bitwarden with Trey Greer background image.

Featured Article

Inside open source releases at Bitwarden |
Inside open source releases at Bitwarden

This month, we’re featuring Bitwarden community evangelist Trey Greer who you might know from our community forums or weekly live demos. Trey recently wrote about what goes into open source product releases at Bitwarden, including how your input helps drive the evolution of Bitwarden. 

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More Bits and Bites

Bitwarden for business |
Bitwarden for business

Looking for a way to bring Bitwarden to work? Our newest video details how Bitwarden empowers teams and entire companies to store and share passwords securely. 

May 2021 Release |
May 2021 Release

In May, Bitwarden released new features including FIDO2 WebAuthn support, biometrics for Safari, and the option to hide email addresses when using Bitwarden Send. Read this article to learn more.

Industry News

Industry News |
Industry News

U.S. Cybersecurity Executive Order

New U.S. legislation requires government agencies to improve cybersecurity efforts with practices like multifactor authentication and data encryption. A password manager can help with that for sure! Read the brief here.

Upcoming Events

Vault Hours |
Vault Hours

Vault Hours

June 25 is the next Bitwarden Vault Hours. You ask the questions, Bitwarden experts provide the answers.

Top Social Fan Favorites

You play an important role in contributing to a world free of breaches and hacks by sharing your knowledge and experience. Here are a couple of recent fan-favorite posts.

LinkedIn Post on the Ideal Privacy Toolkit

The Ideal Privacy Toolkit LinkedIn |
The Ideal Privacy Toolkit LinkedIn

Reddit Post on What to Store in Vaults

What to Store in Vaults Reddit |
What to Store in Vaults Reddit

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