October 2022 Spotlight: New backup options for your Bitwarden vault background image.
Oktober 2022

October 2022 Spotlight: New backup options for your Bitwarden vault

In this month’s issue, learn how to take advantage of additional options for backing up your Bitwarden vault, and explore the password security ranking results of the top five e-commerce sites in the US.

Flexible Encrypted Vault Exports
Flexible Encrypted Vault Exports

With the October 2022 release, Bitwarden announced additional options for backing up your Bitwarden vault! Now available in the web vault, this update makes it easier to export, access, and import encrypted backups of your passwords and sensitive information. Learn more about how this enhancement can offer you more flexibility when backing up your Bitwarden vault.

Q&A with Bitwarden Founder and CTO
Q&A with Bitwarden Founder and CTO

Smashing Security co-host, Carole Theriault, and Bitwarden founder and CTO, Kyle Spearrin, recently got together to discuss how Bitwarden came to be the product it is today. Spearrin explained to Theriault, “I chose open source in the beginning to ensure transparency. I believe that open source transparency around security products like Bitwarden should be somewhat of a requirement. People should have the opportunity to vet how their tools and sensitive data are being handled.” Read the article to learn about the Bitwarden origin story.

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More Bits and Bites

Use Bitwarden with Fastmail to Generate Email Aliases
Bitwarden expands its username generator to now include the ability to create email aliases with Fastmail! This new integration allows users to generate forwarded email aliases through the Bitwarden username generator, as well as create variations of their email address when interacting with different people, sites, or mailing lists. Learn more about the added visibility and control this new integration can bring to your online experience.

Industry Leaders Security Rankings: E-Commerce Edition
Wondering how e-commerce companies fare when it comes to offering security-first password policies? So were we. From an end-user perspective, we inspected the password security friendliness of the top five e-commerce sites in the United States based on traffic volume: Amazon; eBay; Walmart; Craigslist; and Etsy. Check out the results of the evaluation to see how the most well known e-commerce sites in America performed.

What is Bitwarden autofill and how do you use it?
Bitwarden includes an autofill feature in both the web browser extension and the mobile app, and by taking advantage of autofill, you will find Bitwarden considerably more efficient and easier to use. Instead of having to copy/paste those credentials, they are now just a click away.  Learn the trick to using Bitwarden autofill and enjoy a more seamless login experience.

How to install and use the Bitwarden command line tool
Imagine, you use Bitwarden on your desktops as your go-to password manager. But you also prefer the command line over graphical tools. If that's you, you'll be happy to know Bitwarden has you covered. The command-line version of Bitwarden can be installed on Linux, macOS, and Windows. Learn how to install the Bitwarden CLI tool and other important tips to help you get started.

How long should my password be?

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) states, “Password length has been found to be a primary factor in characterizing password strength.” To strengthen the security of your online information, ensure your passwords are a random mix of at least 14 to 16 characters. Read more password strength tips.

The benefits of offering password management as a service

Password management can be offered as a service to businesses of all sizes that want to centralize password security and streamline user provisioning but may not have the capacity or resources to do so internally. For managed service providers (MSP), learn the benefits of offering password management to your business customers, including secure password sharing, enhanced information security, automated user-provisioning, and more. 

Community Spotlight

A big shout out to the following community members for their contributions in last month’s release:

  • Vitaly Baev: Adds Mir payment system

  • Matthis Radke: Fix "Check for Updates..." URL (for clients without auto-updater)

  • Patrick H. Lauke

    • Web: Fix twoStepLogin modal title > id

    • Desktop: Change box-headers from <div> to semantic headings

    • Desktop/browser: tweak .box-header-expandable styles

    • Accessibility: improve item edit for URIs and custom fields

    • Don't suppress outline for input[type="file"] controls

    • Remove appBlurClick throughout the popup and web code

    • Desktop / Browser: Accessibility - remove appBlurClick, change remaining links to buttons

    • Desktop: Accessibility - ARIA/structure fixes

  • Deividt Gemeli: Android: Label of terms of service and privacy policy switch is too close to the actual switch in the sign-up screen

  • Tomi Belan: Allow the CLI to sync without unlocking

Want to get involved in the Bitwarden community? Visit bitwarden.com/getinvolved to find out how to get started.

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2022 Open Source Security Summit social card
2022 Open Source Security Summit social card

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