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August 2021 Spotlight: Bitwarden Directory Connector Blog

Welcome to the Bitwarden August newsletter, featuring product and company announcements, upcoming events, and top social fan favorites.

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Get the most from your directory services with Bitwarden
Get the most from your directory services with Bitwarden

Some recent questions from the Bitwarden community focus on how to get the most from your directory services for onboarding, user succession, and beyond. We recently refreshed a Bitwarden Directory Connector blog and how it supports several directory services, including:

  • Active Directory

  • Azure Active Directory

  • Google Workspace / G-Suite

  • Okta

  • OneLogin

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More Bits and Bites

How Password Management Helps Companies Achieve ISO 27001 Certification
How Password Management Helps Companies Achieve ISO 27001 Certification

Secure password managers can help companies achieve ISO 27001 certification by meeting ISO controls, including identity and access management and secure log-on procedures. To learn more, read this article.

Preparing for the Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity
Preparing for the Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity

A new U.S. executive order announced a few months ago by the White House is driving many organizations to start preparing for better software supply chain visibility and security requirements. Read this article for more information.

How to Manage All Your Streaming Apps with a Password Manager
How to Manage All Your Streaming Apps with a Password Manager

Chances are, you subscribe to four or more streaming services and use them across different devices. Thankfully, your passwords can easily and securely travel with you. Check out this blog to learn more.

Industry News

Industry News
Industry News

More People Believe in Vampires Than in Twitter 2FA

Twitter's Transparency Report found that only 2.3% of users have adopted two-factor authentication. That’s a lot less than the 13% of grown adults who believe in vampires, according to another survey. Either way, 'sink your teeth' into better security by enabling 2FA for Twitter with Bitwarden.

Upcoming Events

Essentials Training: Power Users
Essentials Training: Power Users

Upcoming Training: Bitwarden Essentials for Power Users

Thursday, August 12th, 9 am PST/12 noon EST

This session covers how Power Users can leverage Bitwarden from tips on autofill to using Bitwarden Send.

Top Social Fan Favorites

You play an important role in contributing to a world free of breaches and hacks by sharing your knowledge and experience. Here are a couple of recent fan-favorite posts.

A LinkedIn Post on Securing AWS with Bitwarden

Securing AWS with Bitwarden LinkedIn
Securing AWS with Bitwarden LinkedIn

A Tweet Screaming for a Password Update

Password Update Twitter
Password Update Twitter

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