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Security habits around the world: A closer look at password security statistics
Security habits around the world: A closer look at password security statistics

According to the Bitwarden World Password Day survey of over 2,000 internet users worldwide, nineteen percent (19%) of respondents said they used “password” as their go-to password, and fifty-two percent (52%) use easily identifiable information in their passwords. Take a closer look at the 2023 password statistics revealing the latest user habits, vulnerabilities, and security trends.

End-to-end encrypted Bitwarden Secrets Manager
End-to-end encrypted Bitwarden Secrets Manager

The new developer-focused solution, Bitwarden Secrets Manager, brings predictable pricing, strong end-to-end encrypted security, and the ability to store and secure unlimited secrets, including database passwords, API keys, authentication certificates, and other machine credentials used across the development lifecycle. Learn more about the Bitwarden Secrets Manager roadmap.

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Understanding Bitwarden Architecture 

Bitwarden serves millions of individuals and businesses, enabling them to stay secure online via a suite of products. In this post, dive into resources from three areas of Bitwarden Password Manager architectures: individual and organization vaults, security, and code contributions. 

Using Bitwarden Secrets Manager and GitHub Actions to upload to an app marketplace 

The Bitwarden Secrets Manager equips development, DevOps, and cybersecurity teams with the capability to securely store, oversee, and integrate vital secrets throughout the software development process with the GitHub Actions integration

Why Bring Bitwarden to Your Entire Business 

You might be successfully using Bitwarden for a smaller team in your company. In this article, however, read about the reasons to expand secure password management to your whole organization.

The transformative role of open source in enabling security 

MaRS Discovery District is a Canadian innovation and advisory accelerator offering services to over 1,400 Canadian science and tech companies at every stage of their growth, from startup to scale-up. Learn about their commitment to embracing open source as a tool for enabling more secure environments. 

Community Spotlight

In this month’s Community Spotlight, Bitwarden users took the spotlight as winners of Security’s Got Talent, a short video competition celebrating the transformative power of password managers in our increasingly digital lives. Read the blog or watch the awards show replay to see all of the winning videos!

1st Place: “Dancing Hands” by Virginia Bale

With an upbeat, original song and dancing hands, Virginia delivers an inspiring message for relying on Bitwarden to create and remember your passwords. Check out the music video!

2nd Place: “Dracula2” by Zach Wechter

In his humorous yet cautionary tale, Zach Wechter illustrates the perils of password reuse by recounting his own experience of getting hacked due to the overused "Dracula2" (his dog's name). Dive into this entertaining video and gather valuable insights to reinforce your commitment to robust password management practices.

3rd Place: "Bitman & Wardboy: Password Problems!" by JCMediaStudios

In an imaginative and witty animation, join dynamic duo, Bitman & Wardboy, as they heroically confront their arch-nemesis, relying on their trusty password manager to safeguard their precious secrets. Enjoy the humor and creativity in this animated gem!

Bitwarden 101

Check out Bitwarden 101 for a short video series on how to get started with Bitwarden Password Manager as an administrator or end user.

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