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A simpler, faster way to secure and manage secrets

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End-to-end encrypted secrets management for development, DevOps, and IT teams.


Centrally manage secrets across the development lifecycle

Securely store secrets associated with multiple infrastructures and applications, and automate them into your workflows from one centralized location.


Boost productivity, collaborate securely

Safely share, retrieve, and deploy secrets across your development teams — no more hard-coding secrets or sharing them through env. files.


Safeguard privileged credentials at scale

Maintain tight control over machine and human access to your company’s secrets with SSO integrations, event logs, and access permissions for individuals and groups.

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Added flexibility for modern developers

The Bitwarden open source codebase, CLI, SDK, and integration options provide development teams of all sizes with custom operations and flexibility.


Quick and easy deployment

Secrets Manager provides new users with a simple, intuitive solution and comprehensive help documentation for rapid deployment.

Why businesses love Bitwarden Secrets Manager

"The fact Bitwarden is open source and publishes the results of its 3rd party security audits gives me confidence I can trust them with my secrets."

Darren Beck
CTO, OLR Retail

"I adopted Bitwarden Secrets Manager because I like the idea of having secrets in a secure place where I can retrieve it later."

John Duprey
Senior Systems Engineer, Complete Network

"Secrets Manager is an easy way to transfer secrets and provide access control around those secrets."

Jonathan Vervaeke
Software Engineer, XEOS

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Free forever

Everything you need to get started.

  • Unlimited secrets
  • Up to 2 users
  • Up to 3 projects
  • Up to 3 service accounts
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per month / per user

Support your full development team with additional business functionalities.

  • Unlimited secrets, users, and projects
  • Up to 50 service accounts
  • $0.50 per additional service account


per month / per user

Supports enterprise needs with automated provisioning and other administrative capabilities.

  • Unlimited secrets, users, and projects
  • Up to 200 service accounts
  • $0.50 per additional service account

Pricing shown in USD and based on an annual subscription

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Need a password manager?

Bitwarden Password Manager secures your usernames, passwords, and sensitive data. Learn more about the differences between a password manager and a secrets manager in this article.

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Compare Secrets Manager Plans and Features

Up to 2 usersUnlimited usersUnlimited users
Up to 3 service accountsUp to 50 service accounts, 50¢ per additional service accountUp to 200 service accounts, 50¢ per additional service account
Up to 3 projectsUnlimited projectsUnlimited projects
Authenticator apps, emailAuthenticator apps, email, Yubikey, FIDO2, and DuoAuthenticator apps, email, Yubikey, FIDO2, and Duo

Secrets Manager FAQ

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