Register a Deal

Bitwarden Deal Registration rewards partners who bring in new buying opportunities with 90 day selling exclusivity. Bitwarden Deal Registration is predominantly for resellers.Bitwarden Deal Registration is appropriate when the partner will manage the sales cycle and act as the reselling party for Bitwarden.

Deal registration criteria

  • Deal registration is only eligible for new Bitwarden customers and should not be used for renewals or upsells.

Deal registration process

  • Partner submits a deal registration, which will be reviewed by the Bitwarden channel team.

  • If a deal is approved, Bitwarden will notify the partner by email and the deal will be routed to the appropriate Bitwarden sales resource who will act as a partner sales subject matter expert for a duration of the sales cycle.

  • If a deal is rejected, Bitwarden will notify the partner by email and will include the reason(s) for such a decision.

Approval process

  • Prospects that are already in an existing sales cycle with meaningful activity within the last 90 days by another partner will be rejected. Prospects already engaged with Bitwarden may be rejected. Exceptions will be handled on a case by case basis.

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