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Bitwarden 101

Check out Bitwarden 101 to get started with quick video playlists for users and administrators.

Help & Learning

For other modules like this one, check out the Learning Center for videos and guides to get you started.

For extensive documentation, visit the Help Center.

Weekly Demo

To learn more about Teams & Enterprise plans, join the weekly demo for a product walkthrough and Q/A, or watch a replay. Visit for a list of other upcoming events.

Team Training

To learn about team training opportunities for your Teams or Enterprise plan, contact the sales team.

Email Subscription and Release Notes

To stay in the know, subscribe to the Bitwarden Newsletter or read the Release Notes.

Community Answers

Get involved with a thriving security community by joining the Bitwarden subreddit or the community forum.

Feature Requests

Is there a feature you'd love to see us add? Check out this year's roadmap or submit a feature request.

Bitwarden Status

For real time updates and historical uptime, visit the Bitwarden Status page.


For official support, use the contact form on the Bitwarden website or submit a bug report.

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