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Secrets Manager FAQs

Q: Do I need to be a paying customer to participate in the beta?

A: You don't need to be a paying customer to signup for the Secrets Manager beta. Anyone can participate! Just start a free two-person org and follow these instructions to get started!

Q: How is Secrets Manager priced?

A: For the duration of the open beta program, Bitwarden Secrets Manager is free to use for all organizations, with more details to come as GA approaches. Learn more.

Q: Can I self-host Secrets Manager?

A: Self-hosting capability will soon be available for Bitwarden Secrets Manager. Self hosting is not available during beta.

Q: How do I submit feedback?

A: Share feedback through the Bitwarden Community forumGitHub, or email

Q: How do I contact Bitwarden if I have support questions during the beta?

A: You may submit questions via

Q: What happens after the beta period?

A: You will receive updates from Bitwarden throughout the beta program. Post-beta and general availability (GA) updates will be shared later in Q2.

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