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Secrets Manager FAQs

Q: How do I transition from beta to general availability?

A: Refer to this article for help transitioning your organization from beta to general availability.

Q: How is Secrets Manager priced?

A: During the open beta program, Bitwarden Secrets Manager was free to use for all organizations. Now, there are Free, Teams, and Enterprise plans. Learn more about Secrets Manager pricing.

Q: Can I self-host Secrets Manager?

A: Enterprise organizations can self-host Bitwarden Secrets Manager using Docker on Linux and Windows machines. If you haven't self-hosted Bitwarden before, use this guide to set yourself on the right track.

If you are already self-hosting an Enterprise Bitwarden organization and want to get access to Secrets Manager on that server:

  1. Sign up for a Secrets Manager subscription in your cloud-hosted Bitwarden organization.

  2. Update your self-hosted server to, at a minimum, 2023.10.0

  3. Retrieve a new license file from your cloud-hosted organization and upload it to your self-hosted server.

Q: How do I contact Bitwarden if I have support questions?

A: You may submit questions via

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