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Use Bitwarden in Firefox Private Windows

Allow private windows

To allow the browser extension to run in Firefox private windows:

  1. Navigate to about:addons in your browser and select Bitwarden from the extension list.

  2. On the Details tab, scroll down to Run in Private Windows and toggle Allow.

Enable Extensions in Private Windows
Enable Extensions in Private Windows

Limitations in private windows

While the browser extension will exhibit full functionality in Firefox private windows, there are a few limitations to take into account:

  • Autofill using the context menu and keyboard shortcuts require an unlocked vault in a non-Private window.

  • Your vault will lock every time the browser extension closes, unless you set vault timeout to Never. Alternatively, you can use the browser extension as a sidebar to bypass this limitation.

  • Unlock with PIN will work only if the Lock with master password on browser restart option is not selected.

  • The badge icon will not update to show vault state (locked or unlocked).

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