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Approve a Trusted Device

When a member of your organization logs into a new device, they'll need to approve, or trust, that device. One method for doing so, done by selecting the Request admin approval option, involves sending a device approval request to admins and owners within the organization for approval.

Request admin approval
Request admin approval

To approve a request, as an organization admin, or owner, or custom user with the Manage account recovery permission:

  1. Navigate to your organization admin console and open the Settings Device approvals page.

  2. Select the options menu and select Approve request.

    Approve TDE request
    Approve TDE request


    When a member requests device approval, a fingerprint phrase is displayed on the member's device. Additional verification can be performed by checking that this fingerprint phrase matches the one shown in the member column. This method is optional and requires synchronous communication between the requesting member and the administrator.

When a device request is approved, the requesting user is sent an email informing them they can continue logging in on that device. The user must take action by logging in to the new device within 12 hours, or the approval will expire.

Unapproved requests will expire after 1 week. You can deny a login attempt by instead selecting Deny request, or deny all existing requests by selecting the top-most options menu and selecting Deny all requests.

Events are logged when:

  • A user requests a device approval.

  • A device request is approved.

  • A device request is denied.

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