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You can access your Vault from anywhere in the world at . You can also download and install Bitwarden on any desktop, device, and browser.


Get the most out of your browser extension

Now that you‘ve installed the browser extension, tap the Bitwarden icon in your toolbar to create an account or log in. Skip ahead for tips on how to:

Add passwords and other items

Enable autofill when logging in

Manage and organize your vault

Add to your vault

Add passwords and more to Bitwarden


To add a new vault item, tap the (+) button at the top right of the browser extension, then choose from four types of vault items: Logins, Cards, Identities and Secure Notes.


For example, when you add a login item, you will be prompted to enter a username and a strong password for the account. Pro tip: click the generate icon [X] to have a strong password created for you.

Browser Extension URI Example

From there, Bitwarden will automatically grab the URL from the current website and store it with the vault item. It’s important to ensure the correct login page URL is added to the vault item in order to enable auto-fill, and to help prevent phishing attempts.


Autofill your passwords

Now that you have successfully added a login vault item, the pain of manually entering login credentials is now a thing of the past. Autofill is at your fingertips, and you can choose from several methods to activate it:

  • Keyboard shortcuts

    Ctrl/CMD + Shift + L → Auto-fill, press again to cycle through matching logins

  • Right click in a username/password field

    Select Bitwarden from the context menu and then auto-fill

  • Tap the Bitwarden extension to copy a username/password individually

Load your passwords automatically as you browse

To automatically load your passwords as soon as you navigate to an account in your vault, open your Bitwarden browser extension and go to your Settings menu. From there, select “options” (under the Other category) and enable Auto-fill on page load.

Enable biometrics

For fast access to your credentials, setup a PIN or biometrics (TouchID/FaceID) to unlock your vault.

Vault management tips

Vault Switching with the All Vaults filter

Bitwarden enables you to easily switch between your personal vault and any shared vaults you may have joined, such as the one shared by your team or organization. To navigate between different vaults you belong to, open the browser extension and click the “All Vaults” filter at the top.


The Tab screen

While surfing the web, you can easily access the vault items associated with the current website you’re on from within the Tab screen in your browser extension.


Organize your vault

Use Folders to organize the items stored in your personal vault. To create or modify a folder, navigate to Folders in the Settings menu.Use Collections to organize credentials shared in your family or business organization. To create or modify a collection (based on user permissions), visit the Bitwarden web vault .

Disabling your browser-based password manager

To get the most out of Bitwarden, don’t forget to disable your browser’s ability to manage credentials and let Bitwarden handle the heavy lifting. This update will also protect against the security vulnerabilities introduced by browser-based password managers.

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