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26. Juli 2017

Bitwarden has and always will be a free and open source product. One of our goals since the beginning has been to create a free password manager that is not crippled by "free trials" and truly offer a quality product at no cost. This goal remains at the top of our priorities.

Since we offer so much in Bitwarden at no cost, it's also a challenge for us to find ways to add value in order to monetize. Monetizing enables us to stay focused and continue to make bitwarden the quality product that you enjoy today.

Today we are pleased to announce the arrival of the Bitwarden Premium Membership. A Bitwarden premium membership gives you access to additional premium features within bitwarden at an affordable price of only $10 per year (USD).

You can purchase a Bitwarden premium membership by logging into the web vault and navigating to SettingsGo Premium.

File attachments

Although Bitwarden is not meant to be a dedicated file storage provider like Google Drive or Dropbox, often times you have sensitive files such as private keys, scanned documents, PDFs, etc that need to be securely stored, protected, and shareable. Bitwarden premium gives you 1GB of encrypted file storage that allows you to securely store file attachments alongside any entry in your vault. Access to these file attachments is automatically synced across all of your Bitwarden applications. You can use any Bitwarden application to attach new files, including your mobile device's camera.

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Attachments for an entry in the web vault.

All paid organization accounts (personal, teams, and enterprise) also receive access to 1GB of file storage. Additional file storage can be purchased if needed.

Additional two-step login (2FA) options

Since the beginning, Bitwarden has offered two-step login through the use of an authenticator app such as Authy or Google Authenticator. Today we are adding three new premium two-step login options: Duo, YubiKey, and FIDO U2F as well as one new free option: email.


Bitwarden has partnered with Duo Security to offer two-step login with Duo Push, SMS, phone call, and U2F security keys. Learn more about how to set up your account with Duo from this article in our help center.

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Logging into the browser extension vault with Duo.


Up to three YubiKeys can be added your Bitwarden account and used for two-step login. Any YubiKey with OTP capabilities is supported (4 series and NEO). Additionally, YubiKey NEO is supported on Android mobile devices that have NFC capabilities. Learn more about how to set up your account with YubiKey from this article in our help center.

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1 cCxP OqoLyU4rKOyFLvsNg

Logging into the Android mobile vault with YubiKey NEO.


FIDO U2F security keys are perhaps the most secure method of two-step login due to the many advantages that they offer over others. Learn more about how to set up your account with FIDO U2F from this article in our help center.

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1 9u1jA5qsMMojhVWC2AeCUA

Logging into the web vault with FIDO U2F.


In addition to the existing free authenticator option, you can now use email as a method of two-step login for Bitwarden. When logging in, a verification code is emailed to you that is then required to be entered into and validated with Bitwarden. Two-step login with email is free to use and does not require a premium membership. Learn more about how to set up your account with email two-step login from this article in our help center.

TOTP verification codes

One of our favorite new premium features now available in Bitwarden is the ability to securely store authenticator keys and generate TOTP verification codes. Bitwarden can now be used to replace existing 2FA apps such as Authy or Google Authenticator that you may be using for two-step login across your online accounts.

Use the Bitwarden mobile app to add the authenticator key directly to a login in your vault. Support for using your mobile device's camera to scan QR codes is built right in. You can also enter the authenticator key manually using any Bitwarden application.

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1 q rCg4wtJU1Wh2GMaEQSw

Scanning a new QR code with the iOS app.

Once the authenticator key is attached to a login in your vault, it is automatically synced across all Bitwarden applications that you are using. Each application will present the TOTP verification code when viewing the login entry in your vault. Additionally, when auto-filling a login in the browser extension or mobile app, the TOTP verification code will be conveniently copied to your device's clipboard so that you can complete logging in without having to jump back and forth between apps.

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1 zaFb z3qqHHwDmlfNIGiPQ

TOTP verification code displayed in the web vault login information view.

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1 f1cJHcOXgGSYjkzY z3rwA

A TOTP verification code is manually copied to the clipboard from the iOS app.

All paid organization accounts (personal, teams, and enterprise) also receive access to these TOTP verification code features.

Priority customer support

Finally, all premium users will receive priority customer support when contacting us with questions or for help. This means that your inquires will be responded to quicker and prioritized over any others received from free users.

There's more to come

This is only the first rounds of features that we plan to bring to premium members of Bitwarden. In the future, expect to receive additional premium features such as emergency access account recovery, password/vault health reports, and more!

You can purchase a Bitwarden premium membership by logging into the web vault and navigating to Settings → Go Premium.

We hope that you enjoy these new features that we have worked hard to bring to Bitwarden. A special thank you goes out to all of those that purchase premium memberships and help continue to support Bitwarden for many years to come.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to send us an email and we'll be happy to follow-up as quickly as possible.

Note that the Opera browser extension (v1.14.2) is still in the review process with Opera. The update should be available shortly.

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