Store Secure Notes, Credit Cards, & Identities In Your Bitwarden Vault

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To date, bitwarden has only had support for storing login credentials in your vault. You've always been able to use the generic "Notes" field on a blank login entry or our recently added custom fields feature to store other information, but that has always been somewhat of a workaround.

Today we're announcing support for storing three new types of items in your bitwarden vault: secure notes, cards, and identities.

  • Secure note — an item that gives you a single notes field to store generic information.

  • Card — store credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, etc. You can auto-fill card information into checkout forms.

  • Identity — store name, contact info, address, and other identifying information about yourself (or someone else?). You can auto-fill identity information into website signup forms, checkout forms, etc.

And of course, all of these items are securely protected in your bitwarden vault using the same encryption techniques that we use to protect your existing logins.

As with most things in bitwarden, using these new types of items is 100% free!

Other updates worth mentioning

In addition to the new types of items you can now store in your bitwarden vault, it's also worth mentioning a couple of other nice updates we've added in this latest bitwarden version:

  • Generated password history — review the last 100 generated passwords under Tools → Password Generator → Password History. This feature is only currently available in the browser extension. We plan to add it to the mobile app's password generator in the future.

Bitwarden feature for generated password history 
  • Website icons — to help quickly identify items, your vault will now show an icon next to all items in your vault. If the item is related to a website, bitwarden will attempt to show a logo from that website.

A vault listing showing website icons

We hope you enjoy these new features of bitwarden. If you have any questions or issues please feel free to contact us.

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