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Kyle Spearrin
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27. August 2018

Bitwarden applications have always included the ability to automatically sync changes between each other. In the past, this has usually been done by polling the Bitwarden server for changes on a certain interval, such as every few hours. This has been a source of frustration for some users since changes you make in one app may not be available right away when switching to view them in another app. Or even worse, making a change to an item in a Bitwarden app where some previous changes have not been synced yet could result in un-synced information being overwritten and lost.

Today we're happy to announce some excellent improvements to syncing between Bitwarden applications. We call it "Live sync". Live sync will instantly push changes from one Bitwarden app to all others that you may be using within a matter of seconds.

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Live syncing a change from the desktop app to the web vault and browser extension.

Live sync works by using a powerful technology called WebSockets. Live sync is now available in all Bitwarden apps, including mobile (mobile uses a different technology called Push Notifications).

We hope you enjoy Live sync!

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