How to Navigate the Bitwarden Learning Center

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Sai Ferguson
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23. Februar 2022

Getting the most from Bitwarden has never been easier! Users of any knowledge level can use the Bitwarden Learning Center to become more proficient with password management.

Bitwarden 101

Check out Bitwarden 101 to get started with video playlists for users and administrators.

Choose your plan

Use the sidebar to view getting started guides for your plan, such as Teams or Enterprise.

Other learning resources

Visit the Bitwarden Learning Center for a full list of available courses. The Learning Center is updated regularly so check back for new material every few weeks to get the most out of your Bitwarden experience.

To experience more, join us for a weekly live demo or register for an upcoming online event.

Additional information can be found in the Bitwarden Help Center and the Community Forums.

Need support?

Get in touch, or connect with the sales team.

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