Bitwarden Takes Top Spot in SoftwareReviews Password Management Category

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Bitwarden received the Gold Medal in the Password Management Data Quadrant Report compiled by SoftwareReviews, a division of IT research and advisory firm Info-Tech Research Group.

SoftwareReviews gathers direct, fact-based feedback from end users through comprehensive online surveys that rate vendors on product features, vendor capabilities, user satisfaction, and more. Thanks to the global Bitwarden community, Bitwarden ranked above all other competitors!

Here’s a brief overview of how Bitwarden stood out among the rest.

SoftwareReveiws Data Quadrant - Bitwarden leads other password managers in the SoftwareReviews data quadrant
Industry Averages and Bitwarden and Gold Medal - Bitwarden is above industry averages on several categories important to businesses

Thank you for making Bitwarden #1

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Read the full Password Management Data Quadrant report here.

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