AutoFill Improvements Come To iOS 12 and Android 9

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Kyle Spearrin
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26. September 2018

Some wonderful new features have made their way to iOS 12 and Android 9 for password management applications. Both of these major operating system updates were recently released for devices.

Gone are the days of having to copy and paste passwords from your Bitwarden vault, or having to rely on clunky accessibility services or app extensions to work around the problem. AutoFilling password credentials is now a first class feature built right into the mobile operating system itself.

We're happy to announce today that the latest Bitwarden version (v1.19) on both iOS and Android now fully support AutoFill integration with these operating system features.

iOS 12

iOS 12 adds a new Authentication Services framework which apps like Bitwarden can utilize. Bitwarden is now fully integrated with Authentication Services and AutoFill in iOS 12. You can quickly log into any website or app using credentials stored in your Bitwarden vault, directly from the device keyboard. You can enable Bitwarden for AutoFill under iOS Settings → Passwords & Accounts → AutoFill Passwords.

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Android 9 (Pie)

Android actually added the new AutoFill Framework back in 2017 with Android 8 (Oreo). Bitwarden has supported the AutoFill Framework since then, however, the AutoFill Framework in Oreo had limited support to only native apps and a handful of unpopular browsers. Android 9 extends support for the AutoFill Framework to many more web browsers such as Chrome and FireFox (Nightly). Bitwarden is now fully integrated with Android 9's AutoFill Framework for apps and web browsers. You can enable Bitwarden for AutoFill within the Bitwarden app under Tools → AutoFill Service.

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Update your Bitwarden app in iOS and Android to version 1.19 (or greater) today to start enjoying these new AutoFill improvements!

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