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Integration Engineer

at Bitwarden in Customer Success

Bitwarden promotes better internet security and safety with an open source password management solution for individuals, teams, and enterprise organizations.

We truly care about our Bitwarden users and want them to have the best experience while accessing their sensitive information. Our Customer Success team helps customers and all Bitwarden users meaningfully engage with our products while proactively planning for user growth, service availability, and to ultimately achieve their desired outcome. Team members have excellent product knowledge, superb technical skills, stellar grammar, attention to detail, and the ability to explain complicated things simply. Success is measured in diligence, precision, transparency, and customer assessment. 

We are looking for a server and cloud enthusiast, with experience in both communicating about and deploying these technologies. You will become a Bitwarden product expert and handle business inquiries regarding our products, troubleshooting technical issues, completing systems integrations, and ensuring customer satisfaction. 

What you’ll be doing:

  • Functioning as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Bitwarden and our suite of services
  • Leading proof-of-concept trials with customers, new deployments, and/or integrations of Bitwarden containerized services
  • Advising customers on industry best practices for the full stack of Bitwarden  
  • Working with enterprise customers to solve issues and/or look ahead to identify solutions to situations they may face in the future
  • Providing superb guidance and assistance for each business prospect or customer’s implementation of Bitwarden, integration with the rest of their technology stack, and general security
  • Collaborating with Sales, Engineering, and Product associates
  • Assist in planning, developing, and presenting live technical product demonstrations showcasing best practices scaled to the customer’s use-case 
  • Keep organized notes to champion’s feedback in collaborative sessions spanning the Bitwarden team to assist Bitwarden in not just meeting, but exceeding expectations 


Skills you’ll need:

  • Excellent English and grammar
  • Excellent problem-solving skills (you might not know all the answers but you know how to find and communicate the solutions)
  • Project planning, including collaborative and individual time management
  • A passion for supporting your team members, growing together (technical ability and emotional intelligence), and sharing your knowledge with all
  • A strong sense of empathy and the ability to advocate for others
  • A passion for helping Bitwarden users
  • Experience from a previous technical position (e.g. Systems Engineer, Integration Engineer, DevOps Engineer, IT Infrastructure Engineer, etc). Equivalent education or demonstrable skills may be accepted
  • Ability and desire to work remotely 


Familiarity with several of the following areas/technologies is preferred:

  • Bitwarden
  • Linux, Windows, and macOS
  • Docker (Swarm Mode), Kubernetes, and Podman
  • NFS and CIFS
  • Bash and PowerShell
  • Active Directory, LDAP, G Suite, Azure AD, Jumpcloud, Cloudflare and Okta
  • GCP, AWS, and Azure
  • Android and iOS
  • GitHub
  • SQL
  • TCP/IP
  • DNS
  • HTTP
  • SMTP
  • SSO implementation and best practices (SAML and OpenID Connect)
  • Integrating SCIM solutions
  • TLS/SSL and PKI
  • RESTful services / API’s


  • Screening call with people team 
  • Interview with Director of Customer Success
  • Interviews with team members from Customer Success and Engineering
  • Interview with Chief Customer Officer
  • Interview with CEO


  • Our user community loves us and we love them. Come to work each day with a sense of purpose as we bring a more secure internet experience to everyone from our friends and family to the world’s largest organizations.
  • Become an expert. You’ll get immersed in the prominent technology markets of security and open source software.
  • We are dedicated to building an incredible team. Work remotely with motivated and innovative team members and take part in productive and fun meetups.
  • Learn and grow. Take on new challenges with the support of your team.

We recognize and understand that people come with a wealth of experience and talent beyond just the technical requirements of a job. If you don’t meet 100% of the qualifications for the position, you should still consider applying. Diversity of experience and skills combined with passion is a key to innovation and excellence; therefore, we encourage people from all backgrounds to apply. Please let us know if you require accommodations during the interview process.


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