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“The best solution I found was Bitwarden. Bitwarden is an outstanding password manager that includes all the bells and whistles you've come to expect from such a tool. And because Bitwarden is open source, it updates regularly.”
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Secure Data Sharing

Secure Data Sharing

Customize how users share and manage sensitive data across your team and organization.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Unite your existing systems with Bitwarden using SSO integration, Directory services or powerful APIs.

Open Source Software

Open Source Software

Benefit from the highest security standards with open source and audited technology you can use in the cloud or self-hosted.

Empower Your Team and Eliminate Vulnerabilities

Customize and control password requirements and administrative policies that will empower employees to practice good password hygiene.

Monitor and manage security vulnerabilities using the Bitwarden Vault Health Reports and actionable insights to exposed, reused, weak, or potentially compromised passwords, as well as identify any items in your vault with inactive 2FA.

Empower Your Team and Eliminate Vulnerabilities
“Bitwarden is a solution to the enterprise-class headache. No more uncertainty and process approximation around password management. No more unsecured sharing. It has all the functionality you expect from an open source platform.”
—Alberto Gaiga, CEO, Intesys
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More Password Security Features and Benefits
Zero Knowledge Encryption

One way hashing keeps your data safe and sound. Data is never stored nor sent decrypted.

Directory Connector and SCIM Support

Streamline user onboarding and automatically provision and de-provision accounts with the Bitwarden Directory Connector or SCIM integration.

Unlimited Devices

Access critical data in your Bitwarden vault from any location, browser, and device.

Open-Source Transparency

With an open source foundation, Bitwarden is regularly audited and improved upon for enhanced security.

Administrative Policies

Guide the user experience by setting policies and streamlining password requirements for all users.

Security Compliance

Bitwarden is compliant with Privacy Shield, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, andSOC 2 security standards.

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