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Newest Bitwarden Release Solves Critical Enterprise And Individual Cybersecurity Needs

New cybersecurity features make password management easier for businesses and individuals to protect sensitive data, provide enhanced customization and put credential management at the fingertips of a well-protected workforce.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. (Jan. 27, 2021) - Bitwarden today announced the release of five major new features to make password management easier for businesses and individuals. These features include Emergency Access, Biometrics for Browsers, Expanded Management Roles, new Enterprise Policies and Encrypted Export. The robust foundation of the Bitwarden solution, enhanced with these innovations, gives companies and individuals even more empowerment to securely store and share sensitive information.

This release builds on recent recognition from US News & World Report, who ranked Bitwarden the number one password manager in their inaugural 2021 ranking. In that evaluation, an initial roundup of 18 companies, led to 12 explored in more depth, and Bitwarden ranked number one with a score of 4.1 of 5, compared to an average of 3.8.

For the first major release of 2021, the Bitwarden team added multiple major enhancements to the product, addressing critical cybersecurity needs for all users. Each feature will be shared in more detail on the Bitwarden blog.

Emergency Access

Bitwarden Emergency Access offers a way to grant someone access to your Vault if, under critical circumstances, you can no longer access it. This feature makes a digital handoff to a friend or loved one simpler in emergency situations. To learn more, check out our latest article on the new Emergency Access feature.

Biometrics for Browsers

Expanding a fan-favorite, biometric options are rolling out for Bitwarden browser plug-ins in version 1.48+, in tandem with Bitwarden Desktop version 1.24.5+. Use a fingerprint, face recognition or other form of biometric authentication to enter your Vault securely on any browser. Choose a combination of login, log out, lock and timed sequences to secure your Vault specifically for your environment. Read our latest article on Browser Biometrics to learn more.

Expanded Management Roles

New management roles give more flexibility to an organization for password administration. A customized role allows more granular control of permissions on a user-by-user basis, such as who can add users or view passwords. Learn more in our blog about new custom roles for managers and administrators.

New Enterprise Policies

A new enterprise policy lets companies decide the best way to manage business and individual credentials within Bitwarden. Default configurations in Bitwarden provide a personal Vault for every user, helping foster secure credential management for individual and business use. Organizations that prefer a pure-company approach to credential management can disable personal Vaults if desired.

Encrypted Export

Freely make backups of your data using the same trusted encryption as your Bitwarden Vault. Import that data back to Bitwarden at any time. All Bitwarden users can download encrypted Vault data on all clients, including mobile.

Bitwarden SSO Integration

In 2020, Bitwarden made significant advancements in streamlining platform access for employees. The open approach integrates password management with existing identity providers that use SAML 2.0 or OpenID Connect. Login with SSO helps Enterprises standardize platform access and easily manage secure onboarding and employee succession.

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