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Bitwarden Selected As Best Password Manager By Us News And World Report

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Trusted by millions of users, Bitwarden outranks all other password managers in publication’s first-ever rating of password-protection programs.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. (Jan. 13, 2021) - US News & World Report, one of the most trusted authorities on national and international rankings ranging from best universities to top investment stocks and travel destinations, has chosen Bitwarden as “Best Password Manager” in their first-ever rating of password-protection programs.

According to US News & World Report, Bitwarden, its No. 1 password manager of 2021, costs significantly less than competitors while offering all of the standard password management features including storing, generating, and synchronizing passwords between devices. Plus, its paid individual-user option is just $10 a year with additional features like warnings of weak or compromised passwords and comes with a generous 1 gigabyte (GB) of encrypted storage. The Bitwarden Families Plan offers the same paid features for $40 a year for up to six users. Read more in their Bitwarden review.

US News & World Report’s 360 Reviews team conducted an initial screening to determine which password-manager programs Americans are most interested in learning about, selecting 12 finalists that were worthy of further analysis. The team then gathered and evaluated a variety of third-party reviews and expert opinions to create composite scores on a 5-point scale for each of those products.

Bitwarden received the highest rating at 4.1; far outperforming the average rating of 3.8.

“We are honored to be the first password manager to garner this top recognition from US News & World Report,” said Michael Crandell, CEO of Bitwarden. “We believe in password security for all and it’s one of the reasons we created Bitwarden. We hope more consumers and businesses alike feel empowered to take this crucial step in protecting their secure information. We’re proud of our team’s commitment to providing unparalleled password protection to both companies and individuals.”

Bitwarden is the only free open source password manager that offers a full suite of applications available across all devices and offers unlimited password storage. Unlike other password managers on the market, Bitwarden is also the only open source password management solution that is designed for team collaboration across large organizations. In addition, customers can choose to use Bitwarden as a cloud service, or deploy it within a private cloud or self-hosted in their own data centers, even behind a firewall. Either way, using Bitwarden is one of the first steps both consumers and businesses can take to protect their data and devices from breaches and hacks.

A longtime favorite of IT teams and cybersecurity professionals as an open source password management solution, Bitwarden is becoming an increasingly popular choice for consumers, individuals, teams, and business organizations. Bitwarden is available in both free and paid editions.

About Bitwarden

Bitwarden empowers organizations and individuals to safely store and share sensitive data. With a transparent, open source approach to password management, Bitwarden makes it easy for users to extend robust security practices to all of their online experiences — no matter their location or device. Cloud and self-hosted options give customers flexibility to meet the most stringent security requirements. Bitwarden is available in nearly 40 languages with a passionate global community of security experts and enthusiasts. The company is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California and has a globally distributed team. Learn more at

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