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Case Study - How Intesys uses Bitwarden for business collaboration

authored by:Elizabeth Baier
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For over 25 years, Intesys has helped medium and large businesses digitally transform their processes through design, development, and implementation with open architecture enterprise applications. Intesys, a Digital Transformation Partner, based in Italy, offers specialized solutions for their unique clients in all different industries.

The 80 Intesys employees work closely in teams associated with client projects. They depend on a password management solution that allows them to securely share passwords for varying periods of time (some projects last a few months, while others extend to a few years). They chose Bitwarden primarily because of the open source nature of the software and the opportunity to use it on-premises.

“We love enterprise-class open source software because we don’t like to hopelessly bind up to close, rigid and unchangeable premium brand IT solutions,” Alberto Gaiga, Intesys CEO said in an interview.

Intesys CEO Alberto Gaigo's Quote on Bitwarden

A password manager for team collaboration

Previous to Bitwarden, Intesys used a different open source password solution that was not architected for sharing or team use. Alberto said they had notes scattered in the company file system and a bunch of password manager applications installed on personal workstations; a far from simple situation for IT administrators to organize and manage.

Intesys IT Team

Their IT team was also concerned around the security when provisioning and deprovisioning users, and what happens to data (credential and more generally all digital assets) when the user leaves the company. “We needed a centralized solution to manage provision and deprovision user access to credentials,” Mirko Spezie, company senior system specialist, said.

Bitwarden offers Intesys a seamless way to securely on-board and off-board users. Bitwarden Directory Connector allows Teams and Enterprise users to sync their existing Directory Services with Bitwarden user seats.

Additionally, with Bitwarden, Intesys no longer has to worry about what happens to both personal and project-specific credentials when an employee leaves the organization. With Bitwarden Collections, teams can store customer-specific data in the Organizational Vault, which is owned by the Intensys organization.

Intesys projects are organized by client, and so are their Bitwarden Collections. They can extend Collection permissions to specific team members who need to work on a client’s account, and in turn, the employee has secure access to the client passwords.

A “Swiss Army Knife” for every day at work

Alberto said, “Bitwarden is a solution to the enterprise-class headache. No more uncertainty and process approximation around password management. No more unsecured sharing. It has all the functionality you expect from an open source platform.”

Mirko described Bitwarden as a “Swiss Army Knife” for a day in the life of developing. From the open source approach, to cloud and on-premises availability, to API access, to streamlined provisioning, to collaborative sharing, Bitwarden delivers value for users, admins, and CEOs alike.

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